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Q & A

eTA stands for “Electronic Travel Authority” and it is another entry requirement recently introduced for visa-exempt foreign nationals flying by air to Canada which is electronically associated with your passport. The authorization for eTA is acceptable and valid for up to five years or until the expiry date of the traveler’s passport.

Both of a valid eTA and a valid passport will make your entrance into Canada easier and smoother. On your arrival at the Canadian border, the border services officer will check your travel documents and passport and will ask you a few security questions on the basis of which he will decide whether to let you enter Canada or not.

If you want to apply for an eTA through our website; you need to have an email address, credit card and a valid passport.

Mostly visitors are given a maximum of six months’ time to stay within Canada. Your maximum stopover time is determined on your arrival at the entry port by the border services officer where he marks on your passport the date by which you are supposed to leave Canada.

If you want to stay longer than your allowed time, you are supposed to apply for an extension of your stay at least 30 days prior to the date of your leaving date.

Please make sure that the details you provide for your eTA application must match the details on your passport.

Also please note that you cannot apply for an eTA online if you do not hold a passport from any of the eligible countries. You might be able to apply for other Visa types directly with a Canadian Visa office.

For you to complete your online eTA application, you will have to provide your biographic information; for instance your full name, place and date of birth, gender, marital status, home address, nationality and passport number.

You will also have to answer some very simple background questions which will determine if you are eligible for coming to Canada. For example, you will be asked about:

  1. Your job where you are currently working
  2. How much money you have saved in your bank account for your visit to Canada?
  3. If you have any medical issues or not.

No, there isn’t any age restriction. Valid and eligible passport holders of any age can apply for an eTA.

No, everybody is advised to apply for an eTA with a separate application form. A separate eTA application must be submitted for your each child mentioned on your passport.

It takes almost 24 hours to process and approve the Visas with confirmation issues. Depending on when your passport information and application is submitted to us, it can take as long as 72 hours as well.

Since most of the eTAs are approved and provided in less than 24 hours, some might take longer than this to process. In some cases, more information may be required before the application is accepted and eTA is issued.

If we need more information regarding you, we will get to you via your email address and will advise you of the next steps. We might request you for:

  • Some additional information or documents, or
  • A one-to-one interview at your nearest Canadian visa office.

You are advised to carefully enter and check the personal details before sending.

In case if you have made a mistake, please kindly contact us at as quickly as you can.

Note: Make sure that your eTA details must match your passport details otherwise you might have to face problems related to your boarding or entry into Canada.

Please visit your nearest Canadian Visa Office on disapproval of your application.

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